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sustainable energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy features prominently in Ghana’s long-term energy strategy document and the government of Ghana has already put in place key policies and incentives mechanisms that are geared towards the promotion of Renewable Energy technologies within the country.

Wind and solar are the best placed technologies available to help Ghana meet its Climate targets. Improvements in technology have resulted in the cost of wind and solar power becoming the most cost-effective means of generating electricity. With the consent of the Government of Ghana and the Ghanaian community, the Hirundo Energy team is very keen to be part of this journey. 

Special bound with Ghana

As a Sustainability & Renewable Energy Engineer of Ghanaian descent and member of the Hirundo Energy team, Koku Awuma has the desire to contribute to the sustainable economic development of his motherland.

Clean, affordable electric power for all 

We have a broad experience in every phase of a wind energy project. From development, obtaining permits, engineering, devising a financial plan to building and operating wind farms. We specialize in grid connected large scale wind turbines, since these deliver the most cost-effective solutions. Decentralized renewable electricity production can help communities in securing power for households as well as businesses and industries. Clean, affordable electric power for all is essential in modern Ghana.


and projections

Wind Project ProposalsCapacity (MW)Yearly Electricity Generation
* Hirundo I
* Hirundo II
* Hirundo III
100 MW
40 MW
20 MW
300 GWh