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sustainable energy

Renewable energy

Lesotho has the potential to get its entire energy demand from local renewable energy sources and is amongst the world leaders heading towards 100% renewable power. The Government is well aware of the opportunities and developed a policy to integrate more renewable energy.

Renewables are the most cost effective means of energy. They are clean, can be generated in the country and the Basotho can enjoy the benefits.

The choice for Lesotho

Lesotho has good wind resources, several studies found the past years. Basotho know there is the windy season before the rain comes. In surrouding South Africa, many wind power projects are up and running. Lesotho has what is needed for clean wind power. We are keen to give it a start. 

And there is a special bound with Lesotho, since co-founder of the wind energy company, Chris Derde, lived and worked in Lesotho (Mphaki and Seaka) from 1988 to 1990.

Together towards 100% renewable energy

With the consent of the Government of Lesotho and the Basotho people, the Hirundo project team is very keen to be part of the journey towards 100% renewable energy.

We have a broad experience in every phase of a wind energy project. From development, obtaining permits, engineering and elaborating a financial plan, to building and operating wind farms. We specialize in grid connected large scale wind turbines, since these deliver the most cost-effective solutions. Decentralized renewable electricity production can help communi- ties in securing power for households as well as busi- nesses and industries. Clean, affordable electric power for all is essential in a modern world.



and projections

* Hirundo I
* Hirundo II
* Hirundo III
20 MW
50 MW
40 MW
60 GWh/year
150 GWh/year
120 GWh/year
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