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In 2000 the pioneers in our team started the development of wind power projects in our home region in the North of Belgium. In close cooperation with the local communities, we developed, built and today operate 14 wind turbines with a total rated power of 30 MW generating 65 GWh of wind power every year. A sixth wind farm with a rated power of 12 MW is being developed today.

Since the beginning we grew to a team of 14 people organised in 4 companies contributing to different stages of our wind power projects:

Hirundo Lesotho

Develops wind energy projects in Lesotho. The Basotho team has his base in Alwynskop, Quthing and develops the projects in cooperation with the stakeholders. The team is supported by the Belgium Hirundo Energy team.

Hirundo Energy

Is the project team within Fortech Studie that engineers the wind energy projects in Africa, primarily Lesotho and Ghana. Hirundo Energy is an experienced and enthusiastic team of people with various competences in the field of wind energy projects. The quality of their work is guaranteed by their drive to contribute to a sustainanble energy system that counters climate change.

Fortech Studie

Project development and engineering for the wind energy projects in Belgium: grid connection and integration of renewables, stakeholder communication, environmental legislation, impact analysis…


The owner and operator of the 14 wind turbines in the North of Belgium. The production covers the electricity consumption of approximately 18.000 households in Belgium.

Wase Wind

A cooperative supported by 2.300 people from the region where the wind turbines are installed, financially participate in the company and buy the electricity produced by the 14 wind turbines at a fair price.