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Toby Mitchell

Toby grew up in what’s considered a rural area of Lesotho without grid electricity until the late 2000s. This grew his interest in renewable energy, He became an electrical engineer and wrote a thesis on renewable energy processes. He has been involved in a few projects in Lesotho, such as providing rural clinics with solar.

“I believe the renewable wind energy project will benefit Lesotho in many ways, not just making electricity more accessible but also contribute to a sustainability and development of the country overall.”

Koku Awuma

Koku is a Sustainability & Renewable Energy Engineer born and grew up in Ghana. He brings his expertise and in-depth knowledge in sustainable and renewable energy technologies. Koku will also support in dealing with the practical challenges to get the projects started.

“My vision is to contribute and help facilitate Africa’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable energy future.”

Chris Derde

Chris Co-started in 2000 the wind power companies Fortech and Wase Wind. He went through every stage of a wind energy project. Today Fortech is a prosperous wind power company with 14 wind turbines, producing electricity for more than 18.000 households in Belgium.

“Renewable energy and technology are my passion since my boyhood”

From 1988 to 1990 Chris lived and worked in Lesotho. In Mphaki he ran a mechanical workshop. Afterwards he moved to Seaka to support a team of 18 people doing the maintenance of the equipment for building the new Seaka bridge.

“When I left, my basotho counterpart asked not to forget the Basotho, I never did.”

Jacob Demeyer

As an aerospace and electrotechnical engineer Jacob supports the team with his 10 year expertise in all aspects of engineering of a wind energy project. From scratch up to contract negotiation and building. Jacob set up the company’s environmental management system EMAS and ISO 1400.

In 2016, Jacob co-grounded the international development activities that became the base for HIRUNDO.

“I am convinced that renewables and wind energy in particular can make a huge difference in fighting climate change and at the same time contribute to the well-being of countries and people hosting them.”

Ntate Pius Masupha

Ntate Pius is a former chief of the region of TY (Teyateyaneng). He has crossed the country for more than 40 years as a responsible of a cooperative mouvement. He is helping Hirundo to establish the contacts with the councils, the chiefs and the landowners and the people living in the project regions.

“I just hope that the proposal of Hirundo meets the expectations of my Government and that it will get a go (as it is) for the benefit of the people of Lesotho.”

Frank Vermeulen

For 30 years Frank has been active in the realization of the Belgian and West European energy systems.

“I have a deep understanding of all core utility activities along the value chain: generation, transmission, distribution and supply to end consumers. I want to share these insights and competences to create sustainable growth.”

In the Hirundo team Frank will bring in his experience in negotiating with and contracting electricity market stakeholders such as transmission system operators and regulators to get all necessary authorisations.

Geert Groessens

Geert has a master in Agricultural sciences and driven by the creative possibilities of renewable energy. He is working on project development and contracting, environmental impact and quality aspects (EMAS – ISO:14001)

“I am convinced that renewable energy can create prosperity on every spot of the planet in respect with all possible ecosystems”

Jetty Buyle

Jetty organises activities at the sites off our wind turbines in Belgium for primary and high school students. The aim is to inform them about the need of renewable energy and to learn them about the operation of wind turbines. She will be occupied with the communication of Hirundo Energy. She also looks at the possibilities of sustainable tourism in Lesotho.

“I see sustainability as a way of living (although also for me there is room for improvement), therefore it feels fantastic to be part of the Hirundo team.”

Lisa Malfliet

Lisa takes care of the graphic design of Hirundo Energy.

“As a member of the Hirundo Energy team I can be part of the large-scale transition to an emission-free and sustainable world.”