Wind energy


Clean and great potential


Low cost

› Wind power is cost-effective. Land-based utility-scale wind is one of the lowest-cost energy sources for Ghana.


Huge potential

› Wind has a huge potential as a source of energy for Lesotho, it is abundant and inexhaustible. In the next 10 years there is a potential to install up to 1,000 MW of wind power.



› Wind is a domestic source of energy. The wind power can both be used for domestic demand and for export to the neighbouring countries with high energy demands.

› Wind turbines can be built throughout the country. This greatly benefits the economy in rural areas. Furthermore farmers and ranchers can continue to work the land as wind turbines use only a fraction of the land.


Environmental impact

› Wind turbines generate a certain amount of noise and shadow flicker. Flicker occurs when the sun is behind the wind turbine blades. Therefore, impact analyses and careful evaluation of locations is needed. Both aspects need to be examined to minimize possible inconveniences for neighbours as stipulated in international standards.

› Birds and bats can get killed by the moving blades. This risk is examined in the environmental report.


Business driver

› Wind provides jobs. From building roads, foundations and the grid to the construction and maintenance of the wind turbines. › Wind enables growth of the industry and economy. Thanks to domestic electricity generation, companies can rely on affordable local renewable energy. This can even be an added value for exporting products to customers who appreciate efforts to have enviromental friendly produced products.


› Wind is sustainable. Winds result from the heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the rotation of the Earth, and the Earth’s surface irregularities. Wind turbines harvest the energy and transform it into electrical power that is injected in the grid.

› Wind is a clean energy source. Wind turbines don’t produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain, smog, or greenhouse gases this in contrast to power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels.